Building business leaders

51 is blazing a trail into the next era of business education. Completing a two-year, $140 million renovation and expansion project, the David B. Miller Business Quadrangle – home of the Edwin L. Cox School of Business – provides the facilities needed to prepare students for an ever-more collaborative and technologically integrated world. Enter our virtual experience to discover the new classrooms and collaborative spaces in our new facilities.


Forging the future

Thanks to our community of donors who are igniting the future of business education, the new and renovated facilities of the Cox School of Business will inspire students, welcome visitors and promote new ways of approaching unique opportunities and thought-provoking challenges. We celebrated our donors during the dedication of the David B. Miller Business Quadrangle on May 3, 2024.

A foundation for excellence

Cox expansion conceptual rendering

New and renovated facilities

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Spaces to spark new ideas

Lower level

  1. Commons
  2. Crum Family Boulevard Auditorium
  3. Duda Family Business Library
  4. Hart Bistro
  5. Kitt Investing and Trading Center
  6. Maguire Family Foundation Suite for the Maguire Energy Institute
  7. Truman and Anita Arnold Career Management Center
  8. Crow Gallery
  9. Behavioral Science Laboratory Suite
  10. Distance Learning Laboratory Suite
  11. Ida Family Reading Room
  12. Student Success (Testing) Center Suite
  13. Georges Auditorium
  14. Lower Level Wing
  15. Mezzanine Wing
  • A. Classroom
    • A1. Rogers-TXI Classroom
    • A2. Union Pacific Foundation Classroom
    • A3. Haggar Foundation Classroom
    • A4. Bank of America Classroom
    • A5. Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Classroom
    • A6. Globe Foundation/Getz Classroom
    • A7. Bolin Family Classroom
    • A8. Levering Family Classroom
  • B. Team Room/Interview Room
    • B1. Richey Family Team Room
    • B2. Bayne Family Team Room
    • B3. Johnson Family Team Room
    • B4. Allen Family Team Room
    • B5. Khan Family Team Room
    • B6. Dallas Family Team Room
    • B7. Sebold Family Team Room
    • B8. Arroyo Family Team Room
    • B9. Team Room (Anonymous Donor)
    • B10. Carty Family Team Room
    • B11. Tolleson Family Team Room
    • B12. Charles & Potomac Capital Team Room
    • B13. Jeanne R. Johnson Foundation Team Room
    • B14. Katigan Family Team Room
    • B15. Dunlevy Family Team Room
  • D. Conference Room
    • D1. Shimmon Family Conference Room

1st level

  1. Katy and Kyle D. Miller Courtyard
  2. Plaza
  3. EY Gallery
  4. Dean’s Suite
  5. Justin B. Cox Family Commons Overlook
  6. Gina and Tucker Bridwell Suite for the Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom
  7. William S. Spears Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  8. McGuire Family Suite for BBA Admissions, Academic Advising and Records
    • 8A. Meredith and Mark Plunkett Family Conference Room
  9. Rimer Family Suite for Alumni Relations and External Affairs
  10. Morris Foundation Suite for Graduate Student Services
  11. Graduate Student Lounge
  12. JPMorgan Chase Parlor
  13. North Wing (1st Level)
  14. South Wing (1st Level)
  15. Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center & Institute
  • A. Classroom
    • A1. Luther King Capital Management Classroom
    • A2. Tabor Family Classroom
    • A3. Schumacher Family Classroom
    • A4. Susser Bank Classroom
  • B. Team Room/Interview Room
    • B1. Bolin and Howard Family Team Room
    • B2. Christopher Family Team Room
    • B3. Craig Family Team Room
    • B4. Holman Family Team Room
    • B5. Pitts Family Team Room
    • B6. Dunleavy Family Team Room
    • B7. Lodwick Family Team Room
    • B8. Ryan Family Team Room
    • B9. McGrew Family Team Room
    • B10. Cathy and Denton Walker Team Room
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. Mark and Peggy Griege Lobby – Maguire Building
    • C2. Benners Family Lobby – Crow Building
    • C3. Marty Flanagan Overlook Lobby – Shaddock Hall
    • C4. Lubar Family Overlook Lobby – Southeast Hall

2nd level

  1. Brierley Institute for Customer Engagement Suite
  2. Don Jackson Center & EnCap Investment & LCM Group Center
  3. Folsom Institute for Real Estate Suite
  4. Albert W. Niemi Center for Economic Growth and Leadership Development
  5. JCPenney Center for Retail Excellence Suite
  6. Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship
  7. Dee Powell Faculty Lounge
  8. Clyde/Murphy USA Boardroom
  9. Seminar Room
  10. Hart Institute for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  11. North Wing (2nd Level)
  12. South Wing (2nd Level)
  • B. McMahon Family Team Room
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. Robson Family Lobby
  • D. Conference Room
    • D1. Linda P. and William A. Custard Conference Room
    • D2. Murphy Family Conference Room
    • D3. Perry Family Conference Room
    • D4. Bloom Family Conference Room
    • D5. Landen Family Conference Room
  • E. Office
    • E1. Gina and Matt Myers Faculty Office
    • E2. Amy and Jeff Schmid Office – Finance Department Chair
    • E3. Connie Blass O’Neill Office – Accounting Department Chair

3rd level

  1. Cooper Family Terrace
  2. Graduate Admissions Suite
  3. East Wing (3rd Level)
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. Georgas Family Terrace Lobby
  • D. Conference Room - Terrace View
    • D1. Anne and Preston Massey Family Conference Room
    • D2. Suzanne and Adam Stiles Family Conference Room

Naming opportunities

  • Dean’s Suite
  • Lower Level Wing
  • Classrooms
  • Plaza
  • Suites:
    • Behavioral Science Laboratory
    • Distance Learning Laboratory
    • Graduate Admissions
  • Wings:
    • Mezzanine
    • Lower Level
    • North Wing (1st Level)
    • South Wing (1st Level)
    • North Wing (2nd Level)
    • South Wing (2nd Level)
    • East Wing (3rd Level)
$100,000 TO $999,999
  • Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms:
    • Terrace View
  • Graduate Student Lounge
  • Lobbies:
    • South Wing Lobby (2nd Level)
  • Seminar Room
  • Student Success (Testing) Center
  • Team Room/Interview Room

Get involved

For information about giving opportunities in support of the renovation and expansion of Cox School of Business facilities, please contact Ashley Pitts, Director of Development, at 214-768-4988 or