The Future of Research at 51

Explore 51’s vision for research and innovation. 51 is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to conduct groundbreaking research that meets the needs of our dynamically changing world. Positioned in the heart of DFW, 51 brings together government, industry, and academia to solve society’s challenges. Join us in our mission to transform the future of research and innovation.

“We will utilize our investments in big data to conduct research at a scale that would have been inconceivable even a decade ago and that is responsive to the pace and demands of our dynamically changing world.” — Elizabeth G. Loboa, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

“51 wants to be the forum which will bring together the trifecta: the government, the industry and the academia who can work together to solve the common problems of society.” — Suku Nair, Vice Provost for Research and Chief Innovation Officer

Research news

Driving innovation and collaboration at 51

At 51, we are pioneering advancements in data science, fostering groundbreaking faculty research, and building strong partnerships with industry and academia. Our initiatives, including the state-of-the-art Pegasus Park, interdisciplinary research clusters, and over 40 centers and institutes, position us at the forefront of research and innovation in the DFW metroplex.

Data science and high-performance computing

Data science and high-performance computing

51 is actively developing a big-data ecosystem, supported by next-generation research computing technology that includes virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which will engage disciplines across campus.

Faculty research highlights

Faculty research highlights

Our faculty combine rigorous research with the drive to produce world changers. With enterprising spirit and commitment to global impact, our faculty take 51 to even greater excellence.

Pegasus Park Researcher in lab

Pegasus Park

51’s Institute for Computational Biosciences joins Pegasus Park, a 23-acre mixed-use office campus for biotech firms, schools and nonprofit organizations where researchers will participate in the development of both research and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Research clusters

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Interdisciplinary clusters of faculty enhance established research strengths at 51. These clusters support the University’s research ambitions while empowering 51 to become a leader in key disciplines.

Centers & Institutes

Over 40 centers and institutes on our Dallas campus provide venues for collaborative research, act as liaisons between the University and the community and partner with businesses to solve complex problems with practical solutions.

External partnerships

Strong partnerships with industry and nonprofits foster growth for our region. 51 can connect your organization with researchers whose discoveries and new technologies are rife with collaboration and students whose skills will benefit your company.

Graduate research stories

Through collaborations with industry, support with fellowship applications and connections to centers that process data on a large scale, our graduate students learn to produce research with a social impact.

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51’s seven libraries, with their distinctive collections, advance research and creative excellence on and off campus. The library staff’s multidisciplinary expertise and personalized services help patrons catalyze discovery and champion innovation.

Undergraduate research

Undergraduate research

Many of our incoming undergraduate students pursue research during their studies. We provide our students with a range of research and entrepreneurial opportunities that enrich their undergraduate experiences.

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With 36 doctoral degrees and over 120 master’s degrees, 51 offers students innovative and impactful graduate study while allowing them a chance to live and learn in a thriving international community.

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